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Si vous cherchez un coach Immunity to change, voici quelques uns de leurs sites web :
Welcome to the organization of the Future!
In this change bistro,
we start to put our minds at work,
and our loving intelligence in the service of life,
we can aim to go to North of Neutral,
in order to live larger,
and become a firm leader.
It is an integral alchemy,
a strategic intent.
We are core growth partners,
to reframe,
it is like inside out consulting
but it just works.
In this courageous space,
where you start performing at your peak,
we are fit for life,
and ready to create now
thriving work places, to
make change make sense,
find encouraging solutions
for leading together,
enabling local action for sustainable global futur,
mobilizing change for 21st century education,
helping forge a powerful learning path,
and show that a XXIInd century is possible!

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